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Michelle DeWitt


Let's Make Your Writing Even Better!


Traditionally-published books go through multiple rounds of editing; your book deserves at least one good editing pass. While there are many levels of editing, I focus on line editing. A line edit of a manuscript comes before a copyedit and a proofread. It strengthens your writing by addressing awkward or confusing sentences, improving flow, and shoring up your style, all while maintaining your voice. 

While there is certainly overlap with line editing, copyediting focuses more on correctness. It improves the mechanics of your writing: grammar, punctuation, and so on. As I line edit your work, I will do a good deal of copyediting along the way, but that is not my primary focus. It is very important that you follow up with a copyedit and/or proofread to catch remaining mechanical errors. A proofread will ideally occur after edit(s) and layout as a final review before publication.


As an English major with over a decade of combined professional editing, writing, and book project management experience, I have the skills needed to help you make your writing even better. I specialize in nonfiction book manuscripts, though I also edit long and short works in a variety of genres, including grants, manuals, articles, blog posts, children's stories, and more. I love helping authors who want to self publish!

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