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My degrees are in English and Religious Studies. This means I have honed the analytical part of my brain so that I can review your language carefully and make improvements beyond the merely technical, like punctuation. I can identify the phrases that don’t flow clearly and make them flow better.


I have worked for educational publishers, editing and producing content for elementary and middle school projects as well as college-level textbooks. I have edited grants, blog articles, instruction manuals, novels, and Christian nonfiction.  I have also been involved in book production management for dozens of titles, bringing books through the publication process from manuscript through final printed or ebook form. Most recently, I have written and self-published a book titled My Story: Experiences of those on the Cancer Journey.


If you have a question for me, please email me. Or, request a quote here.

Let's Make Your Writing Even Better!

Words are my passion!

I love using them precisely and creatively.

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