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The type of editing I focus on is called line editing (or stylistic editing), though it is mixed with a good deal of copyediting as well. The focus is on improving your prose—managing flow, clarifying meaning, addressing awkward phrasing, eliminating jargon and repetition, polishing the language, improving smoothness of wording at the sentence and paragraph level, and so forth. My focus isn't technical perfection (though I will take you a long way toward that goal); it is to make your overall writing style better and help you improve your own skills, even as I help improve your manuscript. This can make the difference between a self-published book of quality and one that looks like it was given minimal attention by the author.


My editing style includes numerous author queries for clarification and suggestions. My goal is to help vastly improve your writing, and that often includes choices for you to make, which I will note in my author queriesI use Microsoft Word on a Mac. We can discuss using Track Changes for the edited manuscript or simply present all changes and queries inline. Some authors prefer to give carte blanche where I make all the decisions about changes; that is fine, too.


I make many technical corrections as I work on a manuscript, but I still recommend a proofreader after all editing has occurred and layout has been performed. That is standard practice. Especially with a heavy edit, an editor can introduce a mistake (we are human!), an author can introduce a mistake when reviewing the edit, and the layout artist can accidentally snip off a word. Therefore, a late-stage proofread is essential. If time and budget allow, consider a copyedit in between the line edit and proofread.

How long does the editing process take? That depends on a number of factors—how long your project is, how deep an edit is needed, what genre, whether I am working on another project, etc. I will quote a timeframe when I submit your sample edit. A book manuscript could take two to ten weeks depending on the length, depth of edit needed, and my schedule at the time. Please alert me to any particular timeframe you have in mind when you submit your manuscript.

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