What Others Say About My Work

“She not only has a thorough grasp of English grammar, but she also has the exceptional instincts needed to turn average writing into great writing. She excels at what she does.”

Bonnie van Hoy

Raleigh, NC

“Michelle is a very insightful, thorough editor.  She blends expertise, heart, and great communication skills. She is very personable while also remaining professional and is a joy to work with!”


Veaney McIrvin

Naturopathic physician and

Children’s book author

“You guided me through the process with professionalism, integrity, and expertise. Plus, you are a delight to work with!”


David E. Mersereau

Investment specialist and author of

The Official Couch Potato’s TV Trivia

Michelle's editing of my book draft was exceptional and very affordable! She didn't leave a stone unturned, and her comments and recommendations have made me a better writer. I have no reason to look any place else for future editing services—Michelle is great! I would recommend her to anyone seeking an honest evaluation of their writing, someone who is a professional with excellence and integrity. 

Darryl Smith


Non-fiction Christian book author

“Her project management skills . . . plus her ease of communication puts you at ease. It has been a pleasure to work with her on my book.”

Govind Prasad

Formerly with the United Nations

and author of From Cane

Fields to Battlefields

“This kind of detailed editing is perfect; exactly what we needed. Look forward to sending you more projects.”

Nicole Scutteri



“She is methodical and meticulous in her approach to every project. Her technical skills are extensive and finely honed. Michelle is a quick study and a perfectionist who approaches each project with fresh insight, enthusiasm, and discipline.


Catherine Weaver

Public relations consultant and writer


“She is extremely skillful at editing, bringing clarity to complicated topics. She makes the text more relevant and readable. Her editing helped me say things I really wanted to say, but even better! She tied up loose ends and improved my wording while maintaining my personal voice.” 

Marybeth Behringer

Retired physical therapist

“Excellent editing and writing skills. She has a thorough knowledge of the English language, and her expert touch improves any project she works on." 

Tami Stoy

Graphic designer and illustrator

While Michelle makes no excuses for being tough in her editing style, she is a great champion and encourager to inspire me to get to the finish line. She is a professional, and her communication skills are excellent. She helped immensely in getting the raw manuscript to a polished book. 

Bali David

Author of Ruth, a devotional

“Ms. DeWitt's writing and editing skills are exceptional. She has helped me improve my own writing and editing skills. I highly recommend Ms. DeWitt’s services."

Jalaal Khan

Medical student



“Her management of the project was meticulous, thorough, and personalized.”


Virginia Hurt Bailey

Educator and author of

Beyond the 4-D Perspective:

The Pegasus Method

“Michelle and I worked together on a small section of the book My Story. She assembled thought provoking, emotional stories about cancer survivors. What tied the deeply moving experiences together were her introductory words for the book. Beyond daring and inspirational. I solidly recommend working with Michelle.”


Michael Hayworth

Executive Chairman,

Fresh Brewed Films, LLC

"You have taught me so much about writing. When I write a sentence now, I stop and think, What would Michelle ask me about this sentence?


Dick Helman

Retired from the U.S. Army

and author of Till We Meet Again and Lady at the Lake

“Her editing is thorough and thoughtful, and she is a talented writer.”

Amy Eudy

Book production director

“As I read her My Story social media series about cancer survivors, her ability to take ramblings from emotionally distressed people and turn them into carefully constructed, heartfelt stories became evident.”


Melody Judd Sink

Retired assistant clerk of court

and police officer

“Marvelous editing and writing skills. Excellent organizational and research skills as well. Can organize a project, taking care of the minutest details, resulting in a professional, high quality publication.” 

Carol Mitchell



Open Book